An Angel Once Lived Here

Your Castle was well built, with years of love, care.
Good foundations, with the right intent.
‘Twas your wings that fluttered and nurtured its growth,
Very soon, we saw the light ahead.

 Little hearts were saved as bodies were mended,
So more hands were needed close by.
Just as drizzle turns to rain so the river runs faster,
Be careful, as you’re not floating by.

 Maybe it’s time again, to flutter your wings,
And Keep the castle’s moat dry.
As the desperate lives of the lost and forgotten,
Have  no strength to swim against the tide.

By Roxanne

Roxanne brought a young boy from Madagascar to the Children First Farm at Kilmore for major reconstruction of his legs.  Roxanne said  “I rescued a boy who needed so much more than new legs…We tried to heal his broken heart with our hands”.  She was so deeply touched by Moira’s inspiration, passion and determination in establishing the farm as a place for healing bodies, minds, hearts and Souls that she wrote this poem for Moira.


Birthday Ode to Moira

Dear Moira a Stor mo Chroi, Many Happy Returns to thee.

Moira you are a Star Shining bright, Bringing hope, joy, smiles and kisses to sick children’s plight.

All over the world you are known as the ‘Angle of Hope’, Inspiring legions of others to help tow the rope.

A person of vision, love and kindness are you. God made you unique and he made you so true!

To follow your hearts desire with passion and might, To overcome all the challenges and to do what is right.

May God guide, bless and keep you in his tender embrace, For the next fifty years as you inspire the entire human race.

By Aisling Monahan


To Moira Kelly – An Inspiration

Moira A Child Who grew Imbued With Love For all Nationalities For all creeds For all capabilities

Moira A woman Drive By urgency. By a vision. One humna being Can harness Human energy to heal Children’s Bodies, Souls and Minds. Every child Inhibiting Our shared Earth

Providence 213A: Prudence Marsh 26 June 14


To Moira Kelly

Never seen like her anyone Unconditionally helping anyone. Has a clear goal in her vision A noble cause her Mission. Helping others her Vocation. She does it with so much Compassion. Her heart beating love to the most needy ones. Her uttermost ambition bringing peace to everyone. Will always pray for her to The One and Only One. Almighty God  “Allah”  Who created Everyone. To guide her heart in the right Direction, And all of those who share her Mission. Paradise as a reward as their final Destination.

Respectfully Yours,