It was an absolute honour and privilege to have such a genuine and remarkable woman address my fellow students.  Moira spoke with passion and energy about her life, her children and her charities in a way which thoroughly engaged and inspired the entire assembly. The feedback I received from students across all year levels was outstanding and I thank Moira for taking time out of her busy schedule to capture our hearts and minds.

Ellena Kouris, Tintern Schools

I’ve heard a lot of top speakers and Moira Kelly is amongst them. A natural speaker, she held me absolutely riveted by her story and sent me home both moved and totally inspired. Moira is a woman of passion and compassion, a woman of acton, yet simple and authentic. Her story is both compelling and immediately relevant in today’s world situaion.”
Peak Performance 

“Moira Kelly is an outstanding woman with a heart of gold and an enthusiastic down-to-earth manner. Her very genuine soul shines through her presentaion, which is full of enthusiasm and very voluble. She held the audience spellbound and we could hear a pin drop as she told wonderful stories of the deprived children and families she has helped. I would have no hesitaton in recommending Moira as an inspiraional speaker to any age group or organisation.”
Waite Group 

“Excellent. Moira’s natural charm, passion and commitment to ‘her path’ was and is, inspirational.As a Keynote speaker partcularly at the conclusion of a full and excitng day for delegates Moira was everything we could have hoped for and more. Moira’s clear and focused love for ‘her children’ touched the hearts and minds of all 997 people in the audience. She has a great capacity to reach in and unlock the deeper compassion of her audience, which she does with such enthusiasm and humility. A ‘not to be missed’ speaker.”

“Moira is a wonderful and inspirational speaker, with a natural charm sense of humor and enthusiastic down to earth manner that makes her an outstanding, not to be missed speaker. Moira speaks internationally as well as all over Australia. She is a natural speaker and holds the Audience spellbound, you could hear a pin drop, yet she is a woman of passion and compassion, and with a wonderful sense of humility. I have no hesitation in recommending Moira she is most compelling and immediately relevant in today’s world situation.”
Louise Ward, Yarra Valley Conference Centre.

“Undoubtedly, the highlight of the conference was an address by Ms Moira Kelly about her work in many war-torn, impoverished areas of the world. Her life’s work focuses on the children; the innocent victims in all this and her marvellous work in giving these young people a good quality of life. Moira is without doubt the most inspirational speaker I have ever listened to. Her candid honest approach is both powerful and tender and it is impossible not to feel part of her struggle as she details her moving experiences with us. It is rare and totally refreshing to listen to someone who has dedicated her life to helping others expecting nothing in return. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event you may be considering.”
Convince Australia

“Moira was just fantastic. As I have said before many of the girls as Year 9 students studied Moira as a modern day prophet, she therefore was well received on the day. She was inspirational and engendered a sense of purpose within the girls. Her story was extraordinary; it was just amasing that so much can be achieved by one person with a love of humanity. Moira gave the girls a great insight into what can be achieved if you never give up.”
Marian College

“I have seen many great motivational speakers including Anthony Robbins, however, Moira Kelly stands head and shoulders above them all. To hear her passionately speak from the heart and share the amazing trials and tribulations, the magic and miracles of her humanitarian work and growing family is soul stirring and mind expanding for everyone in the audience.”
Aisling Monahan, Inside Inspiration