Moira’s Work

Moira’s whole life and work has been an extraordinary vocation, adventure and humanitarian journey to support disadvantaged people in many parts of the world and in many different ways. She is a Mother, a hands on carer and an advocate for refugees and asylum seekers.

Moira now runs the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Additionally, despite never having had a ‘green finger in her life’, Moira is now spearheading the ‘Global Gardens of Peace’ initiative to sow seeds of hope, peace and reconciliation in war or disaster torn regions of the world.

Moira devotes the majority of her time to the following work and projects.


The core work that Moira has always undertaken, continues and will always do is to assist needy children from disadvantaged countries to receive life saving surgeries, interventions and education. Todate, Moira has been key to transforming the lives of hundreds of children and their families. This work continues today via the organiaation she founded ‘The Children First Foundation’. However, Moira has now stepped down from the foundation to concentrate more on her immediate family and continue this healing work on a smaller and more intimate scale independently.

Moira’s current family now includes:- Ahmed & Emmanuel Kelly, her adopted sons from Iraq, together with Trishna, Krishna, Mimoza, Papa, Lovely, Katick and Matthew all mentioned below.

2015 : Moira has new additions to her family

Leila and her baby son William from Nigeria. William recently celebrated his 1st birthday at home with all the family and volunteers, such a special night we all shared.

Baby Angel and her mother recently arrived from Paksitan, they are to commence their long and difficult jouney through some major life changing decisions.

Updates to follow.


During her travels to Iraq in 1998, Moira came across two young children in a Baghdad Orphanage. Both young boys had major limb amoralities and needed corrective surgeries. Under Moira’s loving care and encouragement, both Ahmed and Emmanuel, now her adopted sons have overcome incredible disability and multiple surgeries to become wonderful, accomplished young Australian’s in their own right.

Ahmed is as always and inspiration to everyone and continues to make his family very proud. He is now a world record holding swimmer and represented Australia in the London 2012 Para Olympic games.

2015 : He is currently in training for the RIO Olympics and is also studying Media and Communications at University.  Ahmed was recently awarded “Multi Class Swimmer of the Year 2015” by Swimming Victoria. He also attended his first World Championships in Glasgow in July 2015 and continues to be an ambassador for Abel Australia.

Emmanuel,  who wowed the world with his unforgettable rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ on X-Factor 2011, is happy and busy establishing a successful international singing/songwriting career and has already co-authored a song that was part of the Hollywood movie, Broken Arrows.

2015 : Emmanuel has performed at many international events, he is presently based in America and continues to preform and his magic with his performances and speaking tours.

Emmanuel is presently travelling all over America and on tour.

Beautiful Trishna and Krishna were born con-joined at the head in Bangladesh in 2006 and are known the world over for not only surviving but thriving after the groundbreaking 32 hour surgery that saved their lives by separating them adn and allowing them a bright and independent future. At 7 years of age the girls are still happy and thriving little girls. Trishna attends school, swimming, dancing and Kumon lessons, while Krishna is at attending Kinda, swimming, music, gymbaroo and continues to undergo a variety of weekly allied help therapies to support her development.

2015 :Trishna and Krishna are in good form, Trishna is in her 3rd year of primary school and loves her swimming lesson and her dancing classes. Krishna is attending her school a few days a week and has a very active program that continues to enable her to excel and improve . Krishna also loves her swimming and art and craft projects.

Lovely, Bangladeshi Mother of Trisha and Krishna came to live in Australia in 2013 to be part of her Children’s lives and upbringing along side Moira. Her husband, Katick joined the family in 2014 and they gave birth to a beautiful son, Matthew Deep Mollik, baby brother for Trisha and Krishna on 24th April 2014.

2015 : Our beautiful Matthew is walking now and into lots of michief with William,he has started swimming lessons and is the life and soul of the house.

Moira met Mimoza and her family while she was living in Abania in 2002 and brought her to Australia for major reconstructive surgery. While Mimoza has a significant physical disability, she is highly intelligent and Moira and her closest friend Louise raise the funds necessary to ensure Mimoza gets the benefit of an education. Mimoza is currently in year 10, having achieved this level in only 2.5 years at school, made class captain and achieved distinctions in maths and science.

2015: Mimoza is completing year 11 studies, and also studing a  course weekly for Social Justice and stong interest in her Law and Humanities.

Mimoza loves singing and has weekly sessions.

She continues to inspire us all , she never gives up and pushes her self to improve her self and become independent. She is continually challenging herself to share her story and promote causes close to her heart with a powerpoint designed for  school children, and she is a beautiful big sister and support to everyone in the house.

Papa is an 12 year old girl from an orphanage in Burma who is legally deaf and blind together with other congenital issues. Papa has come to Australia to get new ears and ear canals built, artificial implants and eye surgery. Papa’s only dream in life was to go to school which she is now happily attending with her little sister, Trishna. Papa is also an extremely gifted artist with such an amazing talent that she is currently being mentored weekly by a leading Victorian artist who competes in the Archibald Competition.

2015 : Papa has completed her first surgery last year and will now comence her second surgery in the month of october.Papa loves school and will complete grade 6 this year with her best friend Chockey.Papa loves dancing and her art work continues to be inspiring and outstanding.

This entire extended family live happily together with Moira in her inner Melbourne home.

How can you help Moira

Moira supports her extended families needs through her public speaking engagements and plans to continue her great passion, inspired by her mentor and hero Mother Theresa by bringing at least two needy children a year to Australia for these life changing operations, schooling and to experience the love, compassion and generosity that permeates her home always.

If you would like to support Moira’s wonderful vocation and work in anyway, please contact her directly via the Contact Form. on this site.

Channel 7’s – ‘The Sunday Nite program‘ recently showed a documentary on the Twins progress and the entire extended Kelly family.


A major project for Moira in 2014 was to extend her home in inner city Melbourne to accommodate her growing family. The original house provided by the Parish was renovated by PROGRAMMED Property Services and a wonderful group of Melbourne companies and volunteers. This was extended with an additional 2 with the extension this year and are looking for additional support and gifts to make this achievable by the Dec 2014. If you can offer any services or gifts towards the extension of this home for Moira and her growing family, please email Moira and her team directly through this site.

2015: Wow the house extension has been completed!!!! Wow it looks amazing now plenty of room for everyone. We have a wonderful group of volunteers arrivng in October for a huge working bee, to complete the deck and ramp for summer.

Keep posted for photos and updates to our beautiful home.

House Projects for 2016 :

  1. We will be sourcing donors and companies to assist us with solar panels for our home.
  2. Attic solutions to assit with renovations to utlise our excisting huge Attic space.



Moira’s latest humanitarian effort is well under way and this ambitious initiative will sprinkle her ‘magic and caring dust’ to create a place of peace, tranquility beauty and most importantly healing and hope to the embattled people living in some of the most war torn cities of World.  Because of Moira’s vision and determination, the “Global Gardens of Peace”  has already secured 20 hectars of land in the Gaza strip!, one of the most densely populated places on the planet.  Top Architects from the Victorian Botanical Garden have spent the past year designing the plans for the beautiful new Garden that will be a gift from the people of Australia to the people of Gaza, via Moira, of course and her always growing loyal band of volunteers and supporters.

2015: The project is Gaza is moving very quickly this year. Our design team and some board members recently launch our GGOP project in Gaza with the team on the ground.

The design is complete and we are ready to roll in out.

We have so very exciting news to announce publicly in the next few weeks or month regarding our garden. Please become a friend on “Global Gardens of Peace “, or visit this sight.


Moira is an ambassador for Carers Victoria and this is a role which is very dear to her heart as she has now been a full time carer herself for over 6 years. Moira promotes the work of Carers Victoria and encourages others to reach out and support carers in their families and communities.   Moira talks about Carers and the Walk to Care on 3AW

2015 : Moira continues to support and speak in support of carers all over Australia.


Moira is an advocate and spokesperson for Asylum Seekers and Refugees having had a history of working with the refugees during the Bosnian war and the Kosovo crisis. Because of this experience, Moira is often sought after to speak on behalf of Australian organisations’ and groups that can benefit from her personal insight into more humane and compassionate viewpoints on the refugee crisis.

2015: Moira has been invited to attend panels, discussions, and meetings regarding her insights and knowleadge of Refugees and Asylm seekers.This is something very dear and important to Moira.

Moira has a unique, moving and yet thought provoking presentation on her outlook on our policy here in Australia, without critiising and dehumanizing individuals, or Governments, she has a fresh and human prospective that makes those who hear her captivated and deeply moved.


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